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Producer:Hjulsbro Hembryggeri
Beer:Foreign / Export Stout (Stout - Foreign / Export)
Reviewer:Reibert Arbring

Apperance: A very dark brown, or black brew, a light brown fluffy high head, good lacing, good curtains. (4.5)
Aroma: Much almond, vanilla and Sherry and bourbon, some sweet dark chocolate and dried fruits. (3.5)
Taste: Sweet dark bread crust, brown sugar, dark dried fruits, bitter cocoa beans, oak and some burbon. (3.5)
Palate: Medium low carbonation, smooth and slightly sticky, medium body, a long dry almost coarse finish. (3.5)
Overall: Much hops, a bit too fresh, needs some time, but in all a very dark and potent stout. (3.5)

Bottle 330 ml.

rdb 0.8.0 (2023-10-14)