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Producer:Hjulsbro Hembryggeri
Beer:American Pale Ale (Pale Ale - American)
Note:#1: http://hjulsbro.hembryggeri.se/66-batch-9 #2: http://hjulsbro.hembryggeri.se/68-batch-11
Reviewer:Reibert Arbring

Apperance: A hazy dark straw colored beer. A low off-white head with small lacing and some curtains. (4)
Aroma: Smelling of lemons, lime, grape-fruit, grass and soap. (4)
Taste: Tasting sweet white bread, orange marmalade, lemon juice and grape-fruit peel. (4)
Palate: Medium low carbonation, a fresh texture. A medium body with a somewhat dry finish. (4)
Overall: Really refreshing (and fresh, just six days from the bottling). Citric. Citric. Citric. (4)

Bottle 500 ml at the brewery. Batch 1/9.

rdb 0.7.61 (2021-08-28)