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Producer:Biéres de Chimay
Beer:Belgian Strong Dark Ale (Belgian Strong Dark Ale)
Reviewer:Reibert Arbring

Apperance: A brown hazy beer with hints of ruby, a beige large head, leaving lots of lacing. (4.5)
Aroma: The smell is very ripe, sour milk, sweet dark bread, molasses, yeast. Leather and stable. (4.5)
Taste: The taste is starting with sweet dried fruits, figs and dates, some hint of sour notes - a whiff of lambic, malty earthy tones, dark bread crust and finish of with a few bitter almond notes. In older versions (seven plus years) vinous notes. (5)
Palate: Rather high carbonation, small bubbles and a smooth feeling that goes over in a warm and dry feeling. (4.5)
Overall: This is truly one of the world's greatest beers. May the Trappist tradition never die. (4.5)

Bottle. Enjoyed with a ripe Gruyère. Don't remember the vintage, have later [2010-12-10] had 1999 and 2001. All good! At GBF 2011 a 2004 bottle in comparison with a 2010. The elder is darker more ripe, more vinous, in short better.

rdb 0.7.15 (2020-07-15)