Home Pale Ale

Producer:Il Fornaio Caffe Del Mondo
Beer:American Pale Ale (Pale Ale - American)
Reviewer:Reibert Arbring

Apperance: Clear amber with a white head leaving a good lacing. (4)
Aroma: The smell is rather weak, we have some floral and citric hops. (3)
Taste: The taste has some sweetness, toffee and digestive biscuits, citric aromas, grape-fruit, then bitterness, grape-fruit peel and seeds. (3.5)
Palate: Medium high carbonation, a dry yet refreshing feeling. (4)
Overall: This beer was served a bit too cold for me, could have lessened the taste and smell. A good thirst quencher anyway. (3.5)

Bought on SFO.

rdb 0.7.15 (2020-07-15)