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Short Name:Dugges
2½ Idjit!3.73English Porter (Porter - English)
115 IPA3.80American IPA (IPA - American)
115 Sour3.90Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
115 Stout4.30Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double)
116 Stout!4.20Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double)
1All The Way3.25Session IPA (IPA - Session / India Session Ale)
1Anagram Barrel Aged – Bourbon Barrel Aged Blueberry Cheesecake Stout4.25Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double)
1Avenyn Ale4.00American Pale Ale (Pale Ale - American)
1Avenyn By Night3.58Black IPA (IPA - Imperial / Double Black)
1Bang!3.90English Barleywine (Barleywine - Other)
1Big Idjit4.00Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double)
1Bishops FRESH3.50American IPA (IPA - American)
1Black Apple3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Blåbärliner2.23Berliner Weisse (Sour - Berliner Weisse)
1Bollox!3.80American IPA (IPA - American)
1Boom Barrel3.75English Barleywine (Barleywine - English)
1Bourbon & Ginger3.66Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Boxed Idjit4.25Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double)
1Brandmästare Andréns Törstsläckare3.08English Bitter (English Bitter)
1Bubble Gummy3.40American Double / Imperial IPA (IPA - Imperial / Double)
1Bärliner2.70Berliner Weisse (Sour - Berliner Weisse)
1C-10003.90American Double / Imperial IPA (IPA - Imperial / Double)
1Cake3.80Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double)
1Candy23.23Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double)
1Candy43.80Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double)
1Caramel Crunch4.10Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double)
1Celebration!3.58American Pale Ale (Pale Ale - American)
1Choco Chip4.30Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double)
1Choco Orange3.75Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double)
1Choose Cherry3.95Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Christmas Bitter3.60English Bitter (English Bitter)
1Christmas Idjit3.93Russian Imperial Stout (Stout - Russian Imperial)
1Cinna Mon3.50Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double)
1Cocoa Cacao4.25Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double)
1Coconut Grove3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Cognac & Coffee3.50Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double Coffee)
1CRUSH4.00American Double / Imperial IPA (IPA - Imperial / Double)
1Crush Alpha4.00American Double / Imperial IPA (IPA - Imperial / Double)
1CRUSH CRUSH CRUSH4.00American Double / Imperial IPA (IPA - Imperial / Double)
1CRUSH GAMMA4.00American Double / Imperial IPA (IPA - Imperial / Double)
1Dark3.40Schwarzbier (Schwarzbier)
1Double Crush3.50American Double / Imperial IPA (IPA - Imperial / Double)
1Doux Sour3.60Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Duggish DIPA3.85American Double / Imperial IPA (IPA - Imperial / Double)
1Easter Porter3.75English Porter (Porter - English)
1Easy Christmas3.50English Bitter (English Bitter)
1Flower Power Folk3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Flower Power Sour3.25Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1FRESH FRESH FRESH3.75American IPA (IPA - American)
1Fudge3.70Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double)
1Galaxy Voyage3.50American Pale Ale (Pale Ale - American)
1GBG Beer Week 20183.80Berliner Weisse (Sour - Berliner Weisse)
1Ginger3.50Berliner Weisse (Sour - Berliner Weisse)
1Golgata Bitter3.48English Bitter (English Bitter)
1Gustafs Finger3.43Extra Strong Bitter (Extra Special / Strong Bitter)
2High Five!3.43American IPA (IPA - American)
1Holy Cow!3.80American IPA (IPA - American)
1HopBlack3.35Black IPA (IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale)
1Höstbrygd2.78English Brown Ale (Brown Ale - English)
1Juldricka3.00American Brown Ale (Brown Ale - American)
1Kals Stout3.15Oatmeal Stout (Stout - Oatmeal)
1Kii3.75Stout (Stout - Coffee)
1Lager No 13.23American Pale Lager (Lager - Pale)
1Lingonbärliner3.40Berliner Weisse (Sour - Berliner Weisse)
1Little Tropic3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Live Love2.75American IPA (Pale Ale - International)
1Lumber Jack3.25IPL (Lager - IPL (India Pale Lager))
1Lunar Liquid3.90American IPA (IPA - American)
1Lusher Crusher3.40American Double / Imperial IPA (IPA - Imperial / Double)
1Lådan Mosaic Pils3.50German Pilsner (Pilsner - German)
1Mad Crush Fluid3.80American Double / Imperial IPA (IPA - Imperial / Double)
1Mango Mango Mango4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Mini Fresh3.75American IPA (IPA - American)
1Moscatel Sour3.75Berliner Weisse (Sour - Berliner Weisse)
1Mörk Lager3.50Euro Dark Lager (Lager - Dark)
1Never Mind The Bollox!3.73American Double / Imperial IPA (IPA - Imperial / Double)
1New School4.20Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double)
1Nordic Sour - Black Currant2.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Old School4.20Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double)
1Orange Haze3.50American IPA (IPA - American)
1Organic Lager2.50American Pale Lager (Lager - Pale)
1Pale Ale Pale Ale Pale Ale3.50American Pale Ale (Pale Ale - American)
1Passion Fruit3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Pear Are You Jonathan?2.50Berliner Weisse (Sour - Berliner Weisse)
2Perfect Idjit!4.23Russian Imperial Stout (Stout - Russian Imperial)
1Pils3.50German Pilsner (Pilsner - German)
1Pinus Rebma3.50American IPA (IPA - American)
1Plum Spices3.91American Double / Imperial Stout (Stout - American Imperial / Double)
1Porter2.70English Porter (Porter - English)
1Punch Praline4.24Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double)
1Påsklager3.88Schwarzbier (Schwarzbier)
1Påsköl2.83American Brown Ale (Brown Ale - American)
1Queen's Sour3.75Berliner Weisse (Sour - Berliner Weisse)
1Red Layers3.64Berliner Weisse (Sour - Berliner Weisse)
1Rudolf Ren Ale3.98Winter Warmer (Winter Ale)
1Saison De Maracujá3.50Saison / Farmhouse Ale (Farmhouse Ale - Saison)
1Sidamo Dimtu3.50Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double)
1Softy3.40American Pale Wheat Ale (Wheat Beer - American Pale Wheat)
1Sour Gold4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Spotlight3.50American Pale Ale (Pale Ale - American)
1Spring Beer2.68American Pale Lager (Lager - Pale)
0Sunshine Orchard0.00American Double / Imperial IPA (IPA - Imperial / Double)
1Sweet Sweet2.50Fruit Beer (Fruit Beer)
1Tonkanilla Mangorange3.00Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Tropic Sunrise3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Tropic Thunder3.00Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Tropic Tropic Thunder Thunder3.70Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Tutti Frutti3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Twin Pines3.50American Double / Imperial IPA (IPA - Imperial / Double)
1Vanilla Oak4.00Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double)
1Vasagatans Fail Ale (Summer Pale Ale)2.95English Pale Ale (Pale Ale - English)
1Very Vanilla3.90Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double)
1Windmill & Airport3.75American Strong Ale (Strong Ale - Other)
1Yummy Rummy4.00Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double)
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