419 Sour Ales

1Ability Blueberry Wild Sour Beer3.90Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - Other)
1Almanac Nectarine Cobbler3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Alvinne Beer Geek Wedding IV4.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Alvinne Brett-x(h)it #Nay4.10Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Alvinne Cuvée Freddy Framboos-Raspberry4.25Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Alvinne Cuvée Sofie4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Alvinne Cuvée Sofie Cloudberries3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Alvinne Cuvée Sofie Pruim4.25Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Alvinne Cuvée Sofie Rabarber4.25Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Alvinne Cuvée Sofie Sleedoorn4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Alvinne Foeder 124.25Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Alvinne Kerasus4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Alvinne Omega4.10Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
2Alvinne Phi4.17Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Alvinne Phi Smoked Pineapple4.10Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Alvinne Sigma3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Alvinne Sour'ire de Mortagne Kriek4.25Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Alvinne Super Mario 9000 Megablend3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Alvinne Wild West4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Alvinne Wild West Grape4.16Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Alvinne Wild West Kriek-Framboos4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Alvinne Wild West PX4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Alvinne Wild West Sauternes4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Amundsen Atomic Crush3.90Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Amundsen Cosmic Unicorn3.25Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Amundsen Eternal Crush3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Amundsen Forbidden Fruit4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Amundsen In Cafruits - Double Berry & Citrus Smoothie3.10Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Amundsen Norwegian Wild3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Amundsen Rainbow Potion3.60Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Anchorage Anadromous4.00Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Avery Bug Zapper3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Avery Raspberry Sour4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Beerbliotek Mankini3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Beerbliotek Red Dot Special3.20Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Bellwoods Jelly King3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Black Barrels Yellow Doctor4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Bottenvikens Djupa Skogen3.60Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Boulevard Terra Incognita3.50Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Brasstacks Shummer4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet All Day Sour3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Apel - Vild4.10Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Asker4.10Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Brekeriet Barillo3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Barrique Rouge4.25Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Barrique Rox4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Blondette4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Bridgman Camper4.00Sour Ale (Historical Beer - Lichtenhainer)
1Brekeriet Bror - Vild3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Brunette3.90Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Cassis4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Brekeriet Chêne4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Chêne - Vild4.25Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Cherry Red – Vild3.75Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Brekeriet Collabski3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Brekeriet Coulis - Vild4.20Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Brekeriet Criss Cross4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Hallon - Vild3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Howdy3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Kombucha4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Levain3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Lilac3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Lucifer3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
4Brekeriet Lusse Lelle3.69Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Lusse Lille3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Maschusch - Vild4.00Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Brekeriet Mimosa3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Brekeriet Mon Chéri3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Pavlova3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Brekeriet Picnic Sour Ale3.60Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Picnic Sunrise3.64Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Brekeriet Rhuboise3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Brekeriet Rubus4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Sieben - Vild4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Slån - Vild4.10Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Brekeriet Smokey Sour4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Sour & Bitter3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Sour & Hoppy3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Sour Amber3.73Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Sour Brown3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Sour Red3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Sour White3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Sourbon - Vild3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Sur Kaskad3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Tradition4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Vanilj - Vild3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Vendetta3.84Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Vild Stevns4.10Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Brekeriet Wild & Juicy3.75Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Brekeriet Wild Pale Ale3.60Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Wrapped In Red4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brekeriet Zaharra3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Brewhuslän Chorus Fruit3.40Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Brewski Brooklyn Betty3.75Sour Ale (IPA - Sour)
1Brewski Floripa3.45Sour Ale (IPA - Sour)
1Brewski SFF Strawberry Fluff Forever Gose3.90Sour Ale (Sour - Smoothie / Pastry)
1Brooklyn K is for Kriek3.75Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Brooklyn Rosé De Ville3.00Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Bryggande Holländaren Blend #13.25Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Bryggande Holländaren En Bärliner3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Bryggande Holländaren Wild & Stout3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Burnt Mill Stratosphere4.00Sour Ale (IPA - Sour)
1Buxton Superluminal3.25Sour Ale (IPA - Sour)
1Buxton Trolltunga4.00Sour Ale (IPA - Sour)
1By the Horns Sour To The People3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Ca' del Brado Invernomuto4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Ca' del Brado Nessun Dorma4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Ca' del Brado Piè Veloce Brux3.25Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Captain Lawrence Cuvee De Castleton4.00Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Cascade Figaro4.30Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Centralbryggeriet Folkets Val #0033.80Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Centralbryggeriet Passionfruit3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Cervisiam TI-KILLERS!3.20Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Charlis Syrlig3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
2Collective Blueberry (Sour w/ Cacao Nibs)3.65Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Collective Cherry Pie Sour3.90Sour Ale (Sour - Smoothie / Pastry)
1Collective Dry Hop Sour3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Collective Jam Up The Mash3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1CoolHead Dark Chocolate Cherry Truffle3.30Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1CoolHead Lollipops: Pink Guava + Passion Fruit + Apricot3.90Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1CoolHead Lumberjack Juice3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1CoolHead Naked Sauna Sour3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1CoolHead Peated Whiskey Sour4.10Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1CoolHead Salmiac Licorice Blackcurrant Sour3.90Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1CoolHead Salted Licorice Raspberry Sour3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1CoolHead Thyme Cranberry Lemonade3.70Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Cosmic SQUIRTDZH - Cherry, Banana, Almonds3.60Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Council Beatitude Black Currant Tart Saison3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Council Beatitude Cherry Tart Saison3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Council Beatitude Guava Tart Saison3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Council Beatitude Mosaic Dry Hopped Tart Saison3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Council Beatitude Raspberry Tart Saison3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Council Beatitude Three Berry Tart Saison3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Crooked Stave Nightmare On Brett4.10Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Crooked Stave Petite Sour Raspberry4.00Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
0Crooked Stave Sour Rosé0.00Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1De Brabandere Petrus Aged Pale4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1de Garde The Kriek3.25Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1De Molen Lief & Leed4.10Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1De Molen Raad & Daad3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1DESTIHL Wild Sour Series: Cranberry Criek3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1DESTIHL Wild Sour Series: Synchopathic3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Deya Blend 14.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Dogfish Vibrant P'ocean4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Dry & Bitter Guavalanche4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Ducato La Luna Rossa3.53Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Dugges 15 Sour3.90Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Dugges Black Apple3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Dugges Bourbon & Ginger3.66Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Dugges Choose Cherry3.95Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Dugges Coconut Grove3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Dugges Doux Sour3.60Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Dugges Flower Power Folk3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Dugges Flower Power Sour3.25Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Dugges Little Tropic3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Dugges Mango Mango Mango4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Dugges Mango Mango Mini3.30Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Dugges Nordic Sour - Black Currant2.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Dugges Passion Fruit3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Dugges Sour Gold4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Dugges Tonkanilla Mangorange3.00Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Dugges Tropic Sunrise3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Dugges Tropic Thunder3.00Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Dugges Tropic Tropic Thunder Thunder3.70Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Dugges Tutti Frutti3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Dykes Raspberry Sour3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Edge Sangría Sour3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Elmeleven Cosmic Inflation3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Smoothie / Pastry)
1Elmeleven Living Machines4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Smoothie / Pastry)
1Elmeleven Titan Express3.95Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Elmeleven Trapped by Imagination3.60Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1EPIC Oak and Orchard Dark Sour With Plum3.90Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1EPIC Oak and Orchard Ginger Lemongrass4.10Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1EPIC Sour Brainless On Pink Guava4.10Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Et(t) Vinterkrieksjukan2.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Evil Twin ET Stay Home 4 - Raspberry, Blackberry, Marshmallow4.20Sour Ale (IPA - Sour)
1Extra Mile Sour Cassis3.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Extra Mile Sour Passion3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Fabrikör Elverstedt Vildöl - Hallertauer Mittelfrüh3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Fermenterarna Burger Burger3.66Sour Ale (Sour - Smoothie / Pastry)
1Fermenterarna Hakuna Colada3.40Sour Ale (IPA - Sour)
1Fermenterarna KörsbärsEspresso4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Fermenterarna Second Squeezed Black Sour3.40Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Fermenterarna Stylish4.10Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Fermenterarna Vild Mango3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Fermenterarna Vild Passion & Hallon3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Fermenterarna Wild Life4.00Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Brett Beer)
1Fermenterarna Yummy Bubbles3.60Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Firestone Agrestic4.25Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Firestone Bretta Rosé4.10Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Firestone Feral One4.00Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Firestone SLOambic4.25Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Fors Tart & Milky Ipa3.75Sour Ale (IPA - Sour)
1Freigeist Abraxxxas2.65Sour Ale (Historical Beer - Lichtenhainer)
1Funky Fluid Double Gelato: Frugtsalad4.20Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Funky Fluid Gelato: Key Lime Pie4.20Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Funky Fluid Gelato: Passionfruit, Mango, Nectarine & Lime3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Gallia Gamay Sureau3.30Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Gipsy Hill Tafa Tafa3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Great Divide Strawberry Rhubarb3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Hjulsbro Ekad Sunköl2.55Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Hjulsbro Sunköl3.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Hof Ten Dormaal Frambuesa Y Chocolate3.90Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Hof Ten Dormaal Kriek3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Jackdaw Avklädd3.60Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Jackdaw Björnbär3.25Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Jackdaw Cherry Bomb3.40Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Jackdaw Citron3.90Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Jackdaw Fläder & Rabarber3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Jackdaw Hallon2.75Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Jackdaw Körsbär4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Jackdaw Körsbär & Kanel3.90Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Jackdaw Merlot/Syrah4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Jackdaw Rödbeta3.60Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Jackdaw So What!2.79Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Jester King 2017 Spon 3 - Three Year Blend4.00Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Jester King 2017 Spon 4 - Three Year Blend4.14Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Jolly Pumpkin Wet Hop Bam4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Jädraöl En Jädra Surmule3.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Jädraöl Tourné Sorbe3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Jämmerdalen Bækhest4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Kattugglans Vieille Kriek Marron4.00Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Lagunitas Dark Swan3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Left Handed Giant Stay Lucky3.25Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Lervig Hop Drop Sour3.75Sour Ale (IPA - Sour)
1Lervig Kentucky Uncommon Sour3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Lervig Super Sawa Yuzu3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Letra On OAK - Port Barrel Aged Sour Ale3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Liefmans Glühkriek3.98Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Lines Strawberry Oak3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Little Rain La Vie en Rose3.30Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Lost Abbey Cuvee De Tomme3.25Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1LoverBeer Beer Brugna3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1LoverBeer Pruss Perdu3.90Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Lännabruk Nr.1 Hallon3.60Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Lännabruk Nr.2 Körsbär3.60Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1MAD Salt3.25Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Mad Hatter Tzatziki Sour2.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Mad Scientist Redcurrant Salmiakki Trifle3.10Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Mariatorgets Guava3.60Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Mikkeller Baghaven Refshale Island Fever4.00Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Mikkeller Betelgeuze4.69Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Mikkeller Blå Spøgelse4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Mikkeller Ebon Hedges4.25Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Mikkeller I Found My Thrill4.20Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - Other)
1Mikkeller Nordlund's Field Blend3.25Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Mikkeller Pántáo4.10Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - Other)
1Mikkeller Spontandryhop Idaho 7 & Lemondrop3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Mikkeller Spätale4.30Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Mikkeller Yeast Series 2.0: Brettanomyces Lambicus3.94Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Mills Chuckleberry4.20Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - Other)
1Modernist Herbarium: Cherry / Sour Saison3.25Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1MONYO Mellow Waves3.70Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
2Morgondagens Glögg Sour3.45Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Morgondagens Kladdkakan3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Morgondagens V. Schleck3.90Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Munklägret Wild Melange4.10Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Möllys Nemesis3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Möllys Syrliga Mosaic3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Nevel Gulzig3.75Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1New Belgium Tart Lychee3.50Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1NKB Peach Nitro Milkshake Sour2.75Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Nokian Panimo Sauvin Sour3.40Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Nómada Raw Carrot3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Nómada Revontulet2.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1North Brewing Kettle Sour4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1North Brewing Vespertine3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Northern Monk Patrons Project 15.013.75Sour Ale (IPA - Sour)
1Nøgne Tindved4.11Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Nørrebro Stevns CCC4.10Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Odd Breed Embla4.20Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Odd Breed Moras4.10Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Odd Island Hallon Passion3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Omnipollo Anadrome Passionfruit Cheesecake Sour3.40Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Omnipollo Braraba3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Omnipollo Double Karpologi3.60Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Omnipollo Elsa3.70Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
2Omnipollo Flora3.77Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Omnipollo Karluminium3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Omnipollo Moki Mango Pineapple Passionfruit Peach Smoothie Sour3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Omnipollo Peach Candy Popcorn Sour3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Omnipollo Pleroma3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Omnipollo Pleroma Blueberry Pineapple Crème Brûlée Sour3.70Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Omnipollo Pleroma Orange Pineapple Crème Brûlée3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Smoothie / Pastry)
1Omnipollo Pleroma Spirulina Kiwi Green Apple3.70Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Omnipollo Stolen Fruit3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Oskar Kombucha Sour Ale3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Oud Beersel Bersalis Sourblend Grand Cru3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1OverWorks Bedrock Red4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1OverWorks Blostma & Blede4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1OverWorks Campfire Cult4.10Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - Other)
1OverWorks Cosmic Crush Raspberry3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1OverWorks Cosmic Strawberry & Vanilla3.90Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1OverWorks Fake Bake3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1OverWorks Gooseberry Fool3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1OverWorks Hybrid Henchman4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1OverWorks In Two Minds3.50Sour Ale (IPA - Sour)
1OverWorks Jackalope King3.90Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1OverWorks Kiwi Cavalcade3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1OverWorks Pharaoh Fatalist3.90Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1OverWorks Shogun Shaman3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1PangPang Golden Glock3.70Sour Ale (IPA - Sour)
1PangPang Mango Habanero Pusher3.25Sour Ale (IPA - Sour)
1PangPang Peach Pusher3.50Sour Ale (IPA - Sour)
1PangPang Pina Colada Preacher3.60Sour Ale (IPA - Sour)
1PangPang Pinja Colada Pusher3.80Sour Ale (IPA - Sour)
1PangPang Tully Pineapple Sour Ale3.70Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Penyllan Zoe4.10Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Poppels Sour Fruit Ale - Strawberry3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Poppels Sour IPA3.00Sour Ale (IPA - Sour)
1Prins Katt Sur-Olle3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Prins Katt Tutti Frukti3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Prophecy Black Currant Milkshake Sour3.10Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Ranke Cuvée4.15Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Ranke Vieille Provision4.10Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Rare Barrel Ensorcelled Variant 33.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Redchurch Urban Farmhouse Plum Stone Sour3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Retarded Stone Braükaiser Nelson Goes Batshit Crazy3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Rocket Hyldesur3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Rooster's Sidecar3.90Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Sierra Nevada Estate Farmhouse Ale3.75Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Sigtuna I've Been Looking For Rhubarb3.25Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Siren Ratchet4.00Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Siren Whiskey Sour2.58Sour Ale (IPA - Sour)
1SixºNorth Flemish Black3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Ska Pink Vapor Stew3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Smith Street Sour [Raspberry & Liquorice]3.60Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Snausarve Funk Drank3.90Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - Other)
1Snausarve Söirli Dräue4.10Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Sofia Electric Pie Strings Theory3.70Sour Ale (Sour - Smoothie / Pastry)
1Solera Bière De Zinfandel2.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1South Plains Funkyland Fermentationists Stankadelic1.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1South Plains Funkyland The Big Kahuna2.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Speciation L'Obel4.00Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Stamm 3 in 1 Super Sour3.90Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Stigberget Tropic Like It's Hot3.25Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Stockholm 2nd Juice4.10Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Stockholm Gin Tonic Sour3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Stockholm Pannkakstårta4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Stockholm Roi De La Rhubarbe4.25Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Stone Berlin Pilot Series Sour IPA3.50Sour Ale (IPA - Sour)
1Stone Berlin Pilot Series: Ginger Lime Sour4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Stradaregina SourFlowers4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Stronzo Fruit Cake3.40Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Strubbe Keyte Jubileum4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Struise Weltmerz3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Subbe Vanilla Guerilla3.40Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Surf Tart Cherry Foam Board3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Sweetwater The Pit & The Pendulum with Cherries3.90Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1TailGate Citrus Sour3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1TBBC Florida Tart3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Tempel Averted Sour3.70Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Tempel Cluster3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Tempel Dirty Old Bastard3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Tempel Eris3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Tempel Fragola3.40Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Tempel Gehenna3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Tempel Hot Diggity Damn3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Tempel Manu3.91Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Tempel Monstrosity3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Tempel Mörker3.58Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Tempel Perdition BA Jack Daniels4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Tempel Red Sour3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Tempel Simulacrum3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Tempel Summer Passion3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Tempel Surpéne3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Tempel The Great Cherry Massacre3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Tempel The Revenant3.60Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Tempel Whiskey Sour3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Tempel Ymir4.00Sour Ale (Historical Beer - Lichtenhainer)
1ThirstyBear Oro En Paz Sour4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1ThirstyBear Wild Stave4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1This Is How How to Keep on Jammin'3.60Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Tilquin Stout Rullquin4.25Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Tiny Rebel Frambuzi3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1To Øl 1 Ton Of... Blackcurrant3.91Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1To Øl Sur Centennial3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1To Øl Sur Citra3.15Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1To Øl Sur Double Dry Hop Citra3.75Sour Ale (IPA - Sour)
1To Øl Sur Mosaic4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1To Øl Sur Simcoe3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Tommie Sjef Voór3.90Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Track Dawn Yawn3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Trillium Fated Farmer Black Currant4.30Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - Other)
1Trois Dames Fiancée (Chasselas)4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Trou du Diable Dulcis Succubus3.60Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Uppsala Berry Berry3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Vandelay Blodmåne3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Varvar Sour Vine3.25Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Vault City Dragonfruit Kiwi Strawberry Lychee3.90Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Vault City Rybena Session Sour4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Veza Sur Lulo Sour3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Värmdö Fil the Lingonberry3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Weird Beard Sourslave3.50Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Wicked Weed Black Angel4.00Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Wicked Weed Blomma3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Wicked Weed Bombadile4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Wicked Weed Dulcifera3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Wicked Weed Garçon de Ferme4.00Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Wicked Weed La Bonté (with Pear)3.25Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Wicked Weed Lost Toys (Blend #3)3.90Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Wicked Weed Marina3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Wicked Weed Medora4.00Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - American)
1Wicked Weed Myrtille4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Wicked Weed Serotina3.40Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Wicked Weed Silencio3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Wicked Weed Terra Merita3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Wild Beer Zintuki3.25Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Wild Weather Damn Dead Gooseberry3.75Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Wild Weather Peach of a Weekend3.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Ångkvarn 120 - Oxblod4.00Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Ångkvarn 141 - Apricot Sour3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Åre Cuvée3.90Sour Ale / Wild Ale (Wild Ale - Other)
1Åsundens Miss T Special Edition3.53Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Ægir Lærdøl Sour Cherry Rye3.80Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Ölbryggeriet Suröl3.00Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Örebro Det våras för lime3.60Sour Ale (Sour - Fruited)
1Örebro Play Date3.30Sour Ale (Sour - Other)
1Örebro Trüe Jues3.75Sour Ale (IPA - Sour)
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