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Short Name:Spike
15,0 Procent3.70American Pale Ale (Pale Ale - New England)
1Askarod3.50American IPA (IPA - Red)
1Atlantica3.75American IPA (IPA - New England)
1Aurora4.00Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double)
1Bad Girls3.75American Double / Imperial IPA (IPA - Imperial / Double)
1Black Is Beautiful3.30Black IPA (IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale)
1Burger Beer3.50American Pale Ale (Pale Ale - American)
1Chérie Guevara3.50Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double)
1Come On Feet3.50American Double / Imperial IPA (IPA - Imperial / Double)
1Common Denominator3.80Imperial Oatmeal Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double Oatmeal)
1Dankey Kong3.75American IPA (IPA - New England)
1Dusty Fingers3.50American IPA (IPA - Brut)
1Fantasma4.00Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double)
1Fjord Baby3.60American IPA (Pale Ale - International)
1Hazelnut Chocolate Porter3.50Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1His Neighbors Called Him a Regular Sort of Guy3.70American IPA (IPA - American)
1Hopography3.75American IPA (IPA - New England)
1Illegal Business3.89American Double / Imperial IPA (IPA - Imperial / Double)
1Keep Bombing3.80American IPA (IPA - New England)
1Kut It Up!3.60American IPA (IPA - New England)
1Mademoiselle4.00Fruit / Vegetable Beer (Grape Ale - Italian)
1Mandarin Dreams3.50American Pale Ale (Pale Ale - American)
1Mango Fandango3.75American Pale Ale (Pale Ale - American)
1Mangorange4.00Berliner Weisse (Sour - Berliner Weisse)
2Marsipulami3.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Mexican Stout4.00Imperial Stout (Stout - Imperial / Double)
1Mr3.75American Double / Imperial IPA (IPA - Imperial / Double)
1Mrs4.25Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Open To Suggestions3.50American IPA (IPA - New England)
1Pacifica3.50American IPA (IPA - American)
1Pils Modernum2.50German Pilsner (Pilsner - German)
1Pilsnergeist3.50German Pilsner (Pilsner - German)
1Pornographic3.75Hefeweizen (Hefeweizen)
1Positively Negative3.75American IPA (IPA - Brut)
1Rocksteady3.75Oatmeal Stout (Stout - Oatmeal)
1Sickest Sentence3.70Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Slippery Slope3.75American Double / Imperial IPA (IPA - Imperial / Double)
1Strictly Business3.75American IPA (IPA - New England)
1To the Bone3.50American IPA (IPA - Brut)
1Triple Mango3.75American Pale Ale (Pale Ale - American)
1Unfinished Business3.40American Double / Imperial IPA (IPA - Imperial / Double)
1Western Promises3.75American IPA (IPA - American)
1Wheat IPA3.25White IPA (IPA - White)
1Would I Rye To You?3.75American IPA (IPA - American)
1X3.50American IPA (IPA - New England)
1ZigZag3.75American IPA (IPA - New England)
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