405 Porters

118th Street Saturday4.00Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
13 Fonteinen Zwet.Be3.50Porter (Porter - Other)
171 Hidden Currents3.90Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1AF Меланхолия (Melancholy)4.00Baltic Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double Baltic)
1Ahlafors Disponent Fredings Starkporter4.00Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Alaskan Smoked Porter3.65American Porter (Porter - American)
1AleBrowar Joint of Skulls: Toffee English Porter3.80English Porter (Porter - English)
1All In Collaboration Imperial Porter4.03Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Amager Drei Von Dänen3.65Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Amager Rugporter4.43American Porter (Porter - American)
1Amiata Caronte2.90Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Anchor Coffee Porter3.75American Porter (Porter - American)
1Anchor Porter4.03American Porter (Porter - American)
1Anderson Salted Caramel Bourbon Barrel Aged Porter3.70Porter (Porter - Other)
1Atwater Vanilla Java Porter2.50English Porter (Porter - English)
1Austmann Sjokolade & Kirsebærporter3.51Porter (Porter - Other)
1Avery New World Porter4.05American Porter (Porter - American)
1Avery Plank'd4.50Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Ballast Point Black Marlin3.75American Porter (Porter - American)
1Ballast Point Mocha Marlin3.59American Porter (Porter - American)
1Ballast Point Mocha Marlin Winter Release3.50American Porter (Porter - Coffee)
1Ballast Point Peanut Butter Victory at Sea4.00Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Ballast Point Victory at Sea4.14Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Barlingbo Gumsen3.90Porter (Porter - Other)
1BB№ 10|10 Coffee Porter4.25Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Beer Here Harwood3.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Beer Here Mørke - Pumpernickel Porter4.00American Porter (Porter - American)
1Beer Here SoD3.60Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Beerbliotek Christmas Nights Spiced Porter3.25Porter (Porter - Other)
1Beerbliotek Follow me into the dark3.40American Porter (Porter - American)
1Beerbliotek Guerillas in Our Midst4.10Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Beerbliotek Port Side Porter3.60Porter (Porter - Other)
1Beerbliotek Waiting For the Tide To Come In3.90Baltic Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double Baltic)
1Beerium Ride the Chicken3.40Porter (Porter - Other)
1Beersmiths Christmas Beret3.75Porter (Porter - Other)
1Beersmiths The Baltic Report4.00Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Benchwarmers Öresundsporter3.80Porter (Porter - Other)
1Benelux Cimonak!4.26Porter (Porter - Other)
1Boulevard Bully! Porter3.98American Porter (Porter - American)
1Brekeriet Brettporter3.73Porter (Porter - Other)
1BrewDog 50 Cuts3.90American Porter (Porter - American)
1BrewDog Abstrakt AB:173.70Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1BrewDog Alice Porter4.15Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1BrewDog Bird Brained Barracuda4.10Baltic Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double Baltic)
1BrewDog Bracken's Porter4.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1BrewDog Brixton Porter4.00English Porter (Porter - English)
2BrewDog Lost Dog4.45Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1BrewDog Tsar Quality3.90Porter (Porter - Other)
1BrewDog VS Buxton - Deep Slumber3.75Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1BrewDog Winter Porter4.25Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
2BrewDog Zombie Cake3.45American Porter (Porter - American)
1BrewFist X-Ray3.68Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1BrewPub Cole Porter4.00English Porter (Porter - English)
1BRLO Baltic Porter4.00Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
2Brooklyn Intensified Barrel-Aged Coffee Porter3.88Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Bryggande Holländaren Baaahd To the Bone3.40Porter (Porter - Other)
1Buxton Costa Rican Coffee Extra Porter3.75American Porter (Porter - Coffee)
1Buxton Double Gatekeeper3.90Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Buxton Guatemalan Coffee Extra Porter3.75American Porter (Porter - Coffee)
1By the Horns Lambeth Walk3.80Porter (Porter - Other)
1Callert Important Mrs Brown4.00Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Camden Versus Odell Baltic Porter3.43Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1CAP Shot In The Dark4.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Capitol City Prohibition Porter3.73American Porter (Porter - American)
3Carlsberg Carnegie Special 175th Anniversary Porter3.95Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
8Carlsberg Carnegie Starkporter3.95Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Christian & Ulrika MINT CONDISION4.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Cigar City Imperial Milk Porter4.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Clarence & Fredericks Croydon Community Porter4.00English Porter (Porter - English)
1Cloudwater Red Wine BA Chocolate Porter3.91Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Clown Shoes Genghis Pecan3.50American Porter (Porter - American)
1Clown Shoes Pecan Pie Porter3.90American Porter (Porter - American)
1Collective Stranger Than Fiction4.00American Porter (Porter - American)
1Coppersmith's Orange Porter3.80Porter (Porter - Other)
1CREW Republic X 7.1 Smoked Porter3.75Porter (Porter - Other)
1Cross Borders Porter3.75Porter (Porter - Other)
1Dag & Henry Satan 173.75Porter (Porter - Other)
1Dark Star ESPRESSO Superior Coffee Beer3.25English Porter (Porter - English)
1DC Brau Penn Quarter Porter3.25Porter (Porter - Other)
1De Molen Bat Out Of Hell Oak Aged4.00Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Deschutes Black Butte Porter3.85American Porter (Porter - American)
1Deschutes Black Butte Porter XXXIII4.00Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Dieu Du Ciel Chemin de Croix3.75Porter (Porter - Other)
1Djævlebryg Son of Nekron4.33English Porter (Porter - English)
1Domus Don Qui-Porter3.25Porter (Porter - Other)
1Drake's Jolly Rodger3.75Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Drake's Jolly Rodger Barrel-Aged4.00Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
2Dugges ½ Idjit!3.73English Porter (Porter - English)
1Dugges Easter Porter3.75English Porter (Porter - English)
1Dugges Porter2.70English Porter (Porter - English)
1Dugges Velvety3.60Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Dykes English Porter3.50English Porter (Porter - English)
1Edge Fireside2.90Porter (Porter - Other)
1Edge Padrino Porter3.75American Porter (Porter - American)
1Einstök Icelandic Toasted Porter4.00Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Electric Nurse Easter Porter3.88English Porter (Porter - English)
1Electric Nurse Porter4.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Electric Nurse Underbar Jul3.50Porter (Porter - Other)
1Enskede Jubileums Porter3.10Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Eskilstuna Robust Julporter3.50Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Evil Twin Imperial Doughnut Break4.25Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Evil Twin Lil' B4.00Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Evil Twin Matölen - Mathias Dahlgren3.75American Porter (Porter - American)
1Faultline London Porter3.43English Porter (Porter - English)
1fff I Can't Remember!4.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Filmkvällsbryggeriet Mörk Som Vinternatten3.50Porter (Porter - Other)
1Finn Baltic Porter3.60Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Finn Easter Porter3.50English Porter (Porter - English)
5Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter4.08Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
3Flying Dog Wild Dog Barrel-Aged Gonzo Imperial Porter4.50Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Flying Monkeys Acadian Groove Maple Porter3.75Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Founders Baltic Porter3.75Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Founders Porter4.00American Porter (Porter - American)
1Fourpure Morning Star3.50English Porter (Porter - English)
1Freigeist Kremlin Gremlin3.50Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Fuller Damson Porter3.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Fuller Imperial Porter3.99Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Fuller London Porter3.75English Porter (Porter - English)
1Fuller Past Masters 1926 Oatmeal Porter3.86English Porter (Porter - English)
1Gainsbourg Couleur Café3.75Porter (Porter - Other)
1Gammelbacka Porter3.10Porter (Porter - Other)
2Gothenburg Fenix3.45Porter (Porter - Other)
1Great Divide Smoked Baltic Porter3.95Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
2Grebbestad Ostronporter3.44Porter (Porter - Other)
1Gunnars Irish3.70Porter (Porter - Other)
1Gunnars Porter3.64Porter (Porter - Other)
1HaandBryggeriet Akevitt Porter3.75Porter (Porter - Other)
1Halmstad Promenad Porter3.25Porter (Porter - Other)
1Hantverksbryggeriet Baltic Porter3.60Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Hantverksbryggeriet Calvera4.00Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Hantverksbryggeriet Magna Forte3.75Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
2Hantverksbryggeriet Porsporter3.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Harpoon 100 Barrel Series #44 - El Triunfo Coffee Porter3.68Porter (Porter - Other)
1Harviestoun Ola Dubh 19913.93Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
2Harviestoun Ola Dubh Special Reserve 124.16Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Harviestoun Ola Dubh Special Reserve 184.00Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Harviestoun Ola Dubh Special Reserve 214.03Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Harviestoun Ola Dubh Special Reserve 304.13Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Harviestoun Old Engine Oil4.10Porter (Porter - Other)
2Helsinge Porter3.56Porter (Porter - Other)
1Hjulsbro Julöl 20143.85Porter (Porter - Other)
1Hjulsbro Porter3.68Porter (Porter - Other)
1Hofbrouwerijke Anarkriek3.53Porter (Porter - Other)
1Hop Shed Piri Piri Porter2.50Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Hoppin' Frog Tower Tuesday Infusion A Coffee Porter4.00American Porter (Porter - Coffee)
1Hops N' Leon Esplanad Porter Ekfatslagrad4.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Hornbeer Charlies Cool Porter3.30American Porter (Porter - American)
1Hornbeer Winterporter3.58American Porter (Porter - American)
1Hyllie Nyhamnen3.90American Porter (Porter - American)
1Illbatting Traitor's Porter1.10English Porter (Porter - English)
1Indslev Ugly Duck Imperial Vanilla Coffee Porter3.63Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Inland Porto Franco3.75Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Innis & Gunn Winter Treacle Porter3.35English Porter (Porter - English)
1Ironfire Vicious Disposition3.75Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Ivan A Sweet Caribbean Dream4.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Jonathon & Benjamin Pandemonium Vanilla Bourbon Porter4.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Jämtland Oatmeal Porter3.45Porter (Porter - Other)
1Karlmark Nilsmark Mörkaste2.50Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Kees Export Porter 17503.80Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Kent Porter4.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Kernel Export India Porter4.00English Porter (Porter - English)
1Kernel India Double Porter Mosaic Bramling Cross3.75Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Klackabacken What the Duck Imperial Porter4.00Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Kormoran Porter Warmiński3.25Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Kullabrygg Kullamannens Mörka Porter3.50Porter (Porter - Other)
1Kvinneby Gallien Porter3.26Porter (Porter - Other)
1Kvinneby Gallien Porter - Spiced3.81Porter (Porter - Other)
1Kvinneby Porter 5143.50Porter (Porter - Other)
1Kvinneby Porter 514 Christmas4.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Kvinneby Pustakulle Julporter3.50Porter (Porter - Other)
1Kvinneby Pustakulle Porter3.50Porter (Porter - Other)
1Kvinneby TransPorter3.15Porter (Porter - Other)
1Left Hand Black Jack Porter3.70English Porter (Porter - English)
1Listermann Nutcase Peanut Butter Porter4.00American Porter (Porter - American)
1Lost And Grounded Running With Spectres3.55Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Lundabryggeriet Torna Härads Porter3.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Lycke Hot Shot3.75Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Lycke Manchester Porter3.75English Porter (Porter - English)
1Macken R'lyeh3.75Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1MAD Sød4.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Mad Hatter Choco Choc Choc3.50Porter (Porter - Other)
1Magic Rock Common Grounds4.00American Porter (Porter - Coffee)
1Magic Rock DairyFreak3.90English Porter (Porter - English)
1Magic Rock Punchline Chipotle and Chocolate Porter4.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Majornas Kustens Porter3.40Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Malduguns Pazemē2.50Porter (Porter - Other)
1Malmgård Huvila X-Porter4.34Porter (Porter - Other)
1Malmö Cacao-Porter4.15Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Malmö Gopnik3.75Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Marz The Sour Bridgeporter3.80American Porter (Porter - American)
1Maui CoCoNut PorTeR3.00American Porter (Porter - American)
1Meantime Chocolate Porter3.85Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Meantime Coffee4.33English Porter (Porter - English)
1Meantime London Porter4.23English Porter (Porter - English)
1Midtfyn X Porter3.85Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Mikkeller Bean Geeks - Session Porter3.50Porter (Porter - Other)
1Mikkeller Fra Til4.10Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Mikkeller Fra Til Via4.00Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Mikkeller MBCC Anniversary Breakfast Porter3.90American Porter (Porter - Coffee)
1Mikkeller Orange Yuzu Glad I Said Porter4.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Mikkeller Texas Ranger (Chipotle Porter)4.33American Porter (Porter - American)
1Mikkeller Til Fra Via3.50Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Mikkeller Via Til Fra3.50Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Mill Street Coffee Porter3.80American Porter (Porter - American)
1Mill Street Vanilla Porter2.00English Porter (Porter - English)
1Mohawk Banyuls Blizzard Grand Cru 20143.80Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Mohawk Black Rocket Porter3.93American Porter (Porter - American)
1Mohawk Blizzard Double Barrel Aged4.35Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
4Mohawk Blizzard Imperial Porter3.79Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Mohawk Lilla London3.60Porter (Porter - Other)
1Mohawk Pale Ale3.55Porter (Porter - Other)
1Mohawk Stitch3.25English Porter (Porter - English)
1Molson Rickard's Dark2.53English Porter (Porter - English)
1Monks Black Jack4.00Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Monks Carl Philip3.53Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Monks Carl-Philip Porter3.50Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Monks Infused Phat Yakk3.75Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Monks Phat Jakk4.00Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Moorhouse's Pendle Porter3.43English Porter (Porter - English)
1Mossens Hallonporter3.50Porter (Porter - Other)
1Mostów Baltic Porter Palo Santo Coconut4.10Baltic Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double Baltic)
1Munkebo Ragnarok3.75English Porter (Porter - English)
1Mälardalen Irish Walnut Porter3.90Porter (Porter - Other)
1Mälardalen Koge's Break3.10Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Mörkskogen KrokOak3.50Porter (Porter - Other)
1Nacka Baltic Porter3.90Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
0Nils Oscar Baltic Porter0.00Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1NKB Black n Blue3.50Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Nómada Royal Porter3.30Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1North Brewing Baltic Porter + Cherry3.60Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1North Brewing Full Fathom 54.00American Porter (Porter - Coffee)
1Northern Exposure Dark Side of the Room3.40Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Northern Monk Festive Star3.10English Porter (Porter - English)
1Nya Carnegie Re:Porter3.75Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Nyköping Proper Christmas3.60Porter (Porter - Other)
3Nynäshamn Smörpundet Porter3.92Porter (Porter - Other)
11Nynäshamn Valsviken Vinterporter4.05Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
2Närke Black Golding Starkporter4.00Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Närke Hazel Dormouse Porter3.50Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Närke Husings Skogs-Porter4.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Närke Husings SkogsPorter4.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Närke Kaggen High Coast Peated Stormaktsporter4.20Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Närke Romkaggen4.00Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Närke Romkaggen! Stormaktsporter4.50Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Närke Svarte Kungen3.00American Porter (Porter - American)
1Nøgne Imperial Rye Porter4.00Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
2Nøgne Porter3.83American Porter (Porter - American)
1O'so Convenient Distraction4.50Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
2O/O Anniversary Baltic Porter4.22Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1O/O Anniversary Baltic Porter4.30Baltic Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double Baltic)
1O/O Baltic Porter3.66Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1O/O India Porter3.75Porter (Porter - Other)
1O/O Porter Porter4.00English Porter (Porter - English)
2Ocean Göteborgsporter4.05Porter (Porter - Other)
1Ocean Järntorgets Arbetarporter3.50Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Ocean Klippan Porter3.93English Porter (Porter - English)
1Ocean Winter Porter3.83English Porter (Porter - English)
1Odd Island Harwood Porter3.75English Porter (Porter - English)
1Okkara Portari4.25Porter (Porter - Other)
1OMB Porter3.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Omnipollo Flashback Blueberry Maple Pancake Imperial Porter4.00Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Omnipollo Lorelei3.75Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Omnipollo Lorelei Barrel Aged4.60Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Omnipollo Original Texas Pecan Ice Cream4.00Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Omnipollo Rubedo3.60Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Oppigårds Baltic Porter3.90Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Oppigårds Ekporter3.73Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Oppigårds Hedemora Porter3.75English Porter (Porter - English)
1Oppigårds Starkporter4.30English Porter (Porter - English)
1Oppigårds Thurbo Stormaktsporter4.00Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Oskar Blues Death By Coconut3.50Porter (Porter - Other)
1Oskar Blues Hotbox Coffee Porter3.75American Porter (Porter - Coffee)
1PangPang Big Malte Smoked Porky Port Porter4.25Porter (Porter - Other)
1Perfectly Squared Egino’s Porter3.80Porter (Porter - Other)
1Pine Ridge The Hairy Beaver's Imperial Vanilla Porter3.70Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Pine Ridge The Hairy Beaver's Smoked Vanilla Porter3.25Porter (Porter - Other)
1Pit Caribou Gaspésienne3.20Porter (Porter - Other)
1Pohjala Cherry Island3.70Baltic Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double Baltic)
1Pohjala Jõuluöö3.41Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Pohjala Must Kuld3.90Porter (Porter - Other)
1Pohjala Must Kuld Colombia3.00American Porter (Porter - Coffee)
1Pohjala Talveöö Rum & Bourbon BA (Cellar Series)3.90Baltic Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double Baltic)
2Pohjala Öö4.00Baltic Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double Baltic)
1Pohjala Öö XO (Cellar Series)4.10Baltic Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double Baltic)
1Poppels Fatserie 005 Porter3.75English Porter (Porter - English)
1Poppels Julporter Tvåtusennitton3.50American Porter (Porter - American)
1Poppels Julporter Tvåtusensjutton3.29Porter (Porter - Other)
1Poppels Påskporter Tvåtusenarton3.75Porter (Porter - Other)
1Poppels Påskporter Tvåtusensjutton3.75Porter (Porter - Other)
1Porterhouse Plain Porter3.13Porter (Porter - Other)
1Pühaste Mr. Ronk3.90Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Pühaste Surmapatt4.20Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
4Qvänum Ambassadörsporter3.81American Porter (Porter - American)
1Qvänum Ekfatslagrad Porter (Aquavit)4.03Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Qvänum Ekfatslagrad Porter (Bourbon)2.91Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Qvänum Pale Porter2.50Porter (Porter - Other)
1Qvänum Ruby Porter4.20Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Qvänum Smokey Porter3.90Porter (Porter - Other)
1Ranke Back To Black4.00Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1RCH Old Slug Porter3.75English Porter (Porter - English)
0Remmarlöv Slashas Porter0.00Porter (Porter - Other)
2Ridgeway Santa's Butt2.86English Porter (Porter - English)
1Rocket Holiday Porter3.75American Porter (Porter - Coffee)
1Rocket Lost Heroes3.75Porter (Porter - Other)
1Rådanäs Porter3.50English Porter (Porter - English)
1RÅÅ Cocoanut Porter3.25Porter (Porter - Other)
1S:t Eriks Islay Porter3.15English Porter (Porter - English)
1S:t Eriks Julporter3.98Porter (Porter - Other)
1S:t Eriks Pompona Porter2.95English Porter (Porter - English)
1S:t Eriks Porter3.33English Porter (Porter - English)
1Sad Robot Susan Calvin4.00Porter (Porter - Other)
2Sambrook's Powerhouse Porter3.84English Porter (Porter - English)
1Samuel Adams Dark Depths3.65Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Samuel Adams Honey Porter3.30American Porter (Porter - American)
1Samuel Smith Taddy Porter4.03English Porter (Porter - English)
1Shepherd Neame Original Porter3.68American Porter (Porter - American)
1Shipyard Longfellow Winter Ale3.55English Porter (Porter - English)
1Sigtuna Höstporter4.03English Porter (Porter - English)
1Sigtuna Midvinterblot4.20Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Sigtuna Skogen - Natt3.75Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Sigtuna The Nut Smuggler3.00Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Sinebrychoff Porter3.25Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Siren Draugen3.50Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Ska Nefarious Ten Pin Imperial Porter3.90Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Skebo Gamla Stans Porter3.75Porter (Porter - Other)
1Skebo Herrgårdsporter3.50Porter (Porter - Other)
1Skedemosse Räven Raskar3.50Porter (Porter - Other)
3Slottskällan Svart3.67Porter (Porter - Other)
1Slottskällan Svart - Bourbon3.53English Porter (Porter - English)
1Smaland Takaberg3.70English Porter (Porter - English)
1Smuttynose Baltic Porter4.00Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Smuttynose Robust Porter3.50American Porter (Porter - American)
1Sori Midsummer Melancholy4.00Baltic Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double Baltic)
1South Plains Russian Imperial Porter4.00Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Southern Tier Porter3.50American Porter (Porter - American)
1Speakeasy Payback Porter4.00American Porter (Porter - American)
1Spike Hazelnut Chocolate Porter3.50Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
2Spike Marsipulami3.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Spike Mrs4.25Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Spike Sickest Sentence3.70Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Staggeringly Good Post Impact Porter - Salted Caramel3.99Porter (Porter - Other)
2Stallhagen Baltic Porter (Winter Porter)4.04Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Stenhammaren Sundsvall Porter3.70Porter (Porter - Other)
1Stigberget American Porter3.80American Porter (Porter - American)
1Stigberget First Stout On the Moon3.75English Porter (Porter - English)
1Stigberget Mörka Skogen3.60Porter (Porter - Other)
1Stigberget Promenadporter3.70English Porter (Porter - English)
1Stockholm Frihamnsporter3.40English Porter (Porter - English)
1Stockholm HasBean Drop of Coffee4.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Stockholm Imperial Porter 20154.00Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Stone Smoked Porter3.63American Porter (Porter - American)
1Stone Suede Imperial Porter3.63Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Stone Barrel Spectre3.60Porter (Porter - Other)
1Stone Berlin CoCo-POW! Porter3.75American Porter (Porter - American)
1Stone Berlin Pilot Series: Heavily-Peated Scotch Barrel-Aged Arrogant Porter4.25Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Stralsunder Choco-Porter3.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Stralsunder Störtebeker Choco-Porter2.55English Porter (Porter - English)
1Strandlida Porter3.75Porter (Porter - Other)
1Strömsholm Gråskägg3.50Porter (Porter - Other)
1Summer Wine Warthog Porter3.68American Porter (Porter - American)
2Sundbyberg Julöl3.38Porter (Porter - Other)
1Svaneke Raskolnikov3.50Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Swannay Orkney Porter4.00English Porter (Porter - English)
1Terrapin Liquid Bliss4.00American Porter (Porter - American)
1Third Circle Chasing Shadows4.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Thisted 6 Porter4.00Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Thisted Limfjords-Porter3.35Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Thornbridge Thorny Goat3.53Porter (Porter - Other)
1Three Amigos Smeden!3.78Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Tiny Rebel Imperial Puft3.25Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1To Øl 08 Porter3.75Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1To Øl Black Ball Ballistics3.50Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1To Øl Black Ball Porter2.00Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Trillium Pot & Kettle4.00American Porter (Porter - American)
1Trois Mousquetaires Porter Baltique4.60Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Två Feta Grisar Porter3.70English Porter (Porter - English)
1Two Tribes GoBig | Baltic Porter3.90Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Two Tribes Island Records Jamaica Porter3.50Porter (Porter - Other)
1U&me Ice Porter3.00Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1U&me Imperial Pike3.75Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Uinta Sea Legs3.25Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1UPP Imperial Porter3.18Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1UPP Påsk Porter3.75Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1UPP Smooth Sailing Porter3.75English Porter (Porter - English)
1Vega Bergstrands Monsooned Porter3.78Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Vega Deep Sea3.75Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Vega Imperial Christmas Porter3.75Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Virgen Porter Solera Gran Reserva3.75Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Västra Ämterviks Fryken Porter3.75Porter (Porter - Other)
1Warpigs Baltic Conspiracy3.75Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Warpigs Bone Orchard3.70English Porter (Porter - English)
1Warpigs Cry For Help, Rick3.75American Porter (Porter - American)
1Warpigs Cunning Plan3.75Porter (Porter - Other)
1Waxholm Jubileum4.10Baltic Porter (Porter - Baltic)
1Whiplash Scaldy Porter3.80Porter (Porter - Other)
1Williams Midnight Sun4.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Wylam A Warning To the Curious4.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Yeastie Boys Pot Kettle Black4.00American Porter (Porter - American)
1Yo-Ho Tokyo Black3.65English Porter (Porter - English)
1Ångkvarn 034 - Porter3.75English Porter (Porter - English)
1Ægir Lynchburg Natt3.40Imperial Porter (Porter - Imperial / Double)
1Ægir Sumbel Porter3.75Porter (Porter - Other)
1Ängö Bistra Årens Cikoriaporter3.00Porter (Porter - Other)
1Ölbryggeriet Magiska Jul3.30Porter (Porter - Other)
1Ölfabriken Bryggarens Lakrits4.00Porter (Porter - Other)
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