25 IPA - Reds

1Bax Bier Bigger Alliance3.40American IPA (IPA - Red)
1Beerbliotek Back to the middle and 'round again3.40American IPA (IPA - Red)
1Brewify Red IPA3.75American IPA (IPA - Red)
1By the Horns Wolfie Smith3.50American IPA (IPA - Red)
1Centralbryggeriet Folkes IPA4.00American IPA (IPA - Red)
1Cigar City Tocobaga3.40American IPA (IPA - Red)
1Escapist Blood Doping Red IPA3.60American IPA (IPA - Red)
1Escapist Blood Flow Dry Hopped Red Dog IPA3.60American IPA (IPA - Red)
2Eskilstuna Red Ale3.44American IPA (IPA - Red)
1Eskilstuna Red IPA3.00American IPA (IPA - Red)
1Figeholms Amber Phil3.70American IPA (IPA - Red)
1Founders reDANKulous3.75American IPA (IPA - Red)
1Hop Shed Red IPA3.25American IPA (IPA - Red)
1Nya Carnegie Pomander IPA3.20American IPA (IPA - Red)
1Okkara No. 5 Jóla IPA3.25American IPA (IPA - Red)
1Oskar Blues G'Knight Imperial Red Ale3.00American IPA (IPA - Red)
1Protokoll Watching Trees3.80American IPA (IPA - Red)
1Sierra Nevada Flipside Red IPA3.43American IPA (IPA - Red)
1Sigtuna Red IPA3.53American IPA (IPA - Red)
1Siren Liquid Mistress3.00American IPA (IPA - Red)
1Slottskällan Daily Ipa3.25American IPA (IPA - Red)
1Spike Askarod3.50American IPA (IPA - Red)
1Stenstugan Lundaskogs IPA3.40American IPA (IPA - Red)
1Stone Pataskala Red X IPA3.60American IPA (IPA - Red)
1Sälens Fjäll R.I.P.A.4.00American IPA (IPA - Red)
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