37 Old Ales

1Amager Cody the Crooked Cop3.25Old Ale (Old Ale)
1Bottenvikens Drickan3.40Old Ale (Historical Beer - Other)
1Brekeriet Kwike3.75Old Ale (Traditional Ale)
1Brulandselva Kornøl3.60Old Ale (Traditional Ale)
1Bøgedal No. 2133.25Old Ale (Old Ale)
1Clown Shoes Flight To Bolivia3.40Old Ale (Old Ale)
1Eik & Tid 3.50Old Ale (Traditional Ale)
1Eskilstuna Old Ale3.80Old Ale (Old Ale)
1Founders Curmudgeon4.00Old Ale (Old Ale)
2Founders Curmudgeon's Better Half4.13Old Ale (Old Ale)
1Freigeist Raw Ale3.50Old Ale (Traditional Ale)
17Fuller Vintage Ale3.67Old Ale (Old Ale)
1Hyllie Trappish3.80Old Ale (Traditional Ale)
1Häxkitteln Jotun2.10Old Ale (Traditional Ale)
1Jopen Goudse Kuit3.80Old Ale (Historical Beer - Other)
1Kinn Gamleguten4.00Old Ale (Old Ale)
1Leikeim Steinbier3.40Old Ale (Historical Beer - Steinbier)
2Mariatorgets Old Ale4.10Old Ale (Old Ale)
1Monks Summer Blend4.33Old Ale (Old Ale)
1MooR Old Freddy Walker3.70Old Ale (Old Ale)
1Nils Oscar Vinjak Barrel Old Ale4.00Old Ale (Old Ale)
17North Coast Old Stock Ale3.90Old Ale (Old Ale)
1North Coast Old Stock Ale Cellar Reserve Bourbon Barrel4.50Old Ale (Old Ale)
1North Coast Old Stock Ale Cellar Reserve Rye Whiskey Barrel4.00Old Ale (Old Ale)
1North Coast Old Stock Ale Cellar Reserve Wheat Whiskey Barrel4.00Old Ale (Old Ale)
1Nya Victoria Ugglum Old Ale3.10Old Ale (Old Ale)
1Nynäshamn Old Ale3.95Old Ale (Old Ale)
3O'Hanlon Thomas Hardy's Ale4.41Old Ale (Old Ale)
1Península Zorro Viejo Brandy B.A.4.20Old Ale (Old Ale)
1Penyllan Freya4.00Old Ale (Traditional Ale)
1Qvänum Sahlins Egna Ekologiska Folköl3.00Old Ale (Traditional Ale)
1Stallhagen Historic Beer 18433.60Old Ale (Old Ale)
1Steelhead Anniversary Ale3.00Old Ale (Old Ale)
2Theakston Old Peculier3.69Old Ale (Old Ale)
2Traquair 160/- Shilling Ale4.05Old Ale (Old Ale)
1Valhalla Auld Rock3.75Old Ale (Old Ale)
1Valhalla Island Bere3.50Old Ale (Old Ale)
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